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East Asian Men's Groups

This group meets on Wednesdays at 5:15pm online ongoing. There are a few spots open for new members! 


For all male-identified people with East-Asian* cultural backgrounds who want to....

  • Learn about themselves

  • Improve their emotional awareness and intelligence

  • Improve their communication skills

The group’s focus is on the interpersonal relationship dynamics in the room with an emphasis on feelings and getting as real as possible with one another about what is going on.


All groups are ongoing (min 16 week commitment) with a maximum of 8 men in each group.

*East-Asian= I'm considering East-Asian to include Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean descent.  However, self-identification is an important factor in member eligibility.

Facilitator Thomas Kim is a licensed psychotherapist facilitating and participating in groups since 2014. He is a Faculty Member with the Group Therapy Training Program (TPI). He also has a lifetime of experience leaning into difficult conversations, and learned through group process that conflict and difference can exist without one-upmanship.

Give Tom a shouT.

Questions? Comments? Want to Join? Let me know. Or simply schedule a 15 min intro call by indicating a few times you are free within the next week.

Thanks for reaching out! 
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