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What the heck happens in group? Watch this show

If you are new to learning about group therapy, you may be wondering "What even goes on in group?" and"What exactly is a process group?" (the main kind of groups we run here at IRL Men.)

Luckily, one YouTube mini-series answers that question very well.

If you'd like to get a taste of what being in a group with us may be like, we highly recommend watching "GROUP" on Youtube. GROUP brings you into the juicy world of one NYC therapy group. In a room with group therapist Dr. Ezra, eight New Yorkers explore hidden truths about their own intimacy, loneliness, sexuality, and fears. The characters are fictionalized, yet absurdly real-feeling. The show consists of seven 15-20 min episodes released in 2020. The episodes are short, so it's an easy bite-sized experience. The series is inspired by famous group psychotherapist Irvin Yalom’s novel “The Schopenhauer Cure." And we just learned that they are fundraising to create a MOVIE!

It is a fly-on-the-wall experience of a kind you've never seen before. Check out the trailer here.


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